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Joining Vulcan Holdings Ltd All recruitment and selection processes at Vulcan Holdings Ltd are defined by five principles – competition, fairness, professional rigor and objectivity, transparency and accountability.
Our Recruitment Policy Recruitment and hiring of staff is the single most important human resource management activity. Each recruitment process and decision represents a major investment of company resources, constitutes a long term liability and is a direct reflection on the company’s reputation. In short, recruitment defines who we are and what we will accomplish. 

Vulcan Holdings Ltd is committed to hiring and retaining qualified and competent staff who have potential to effectively and efficiently perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with Vulcan Holdings Ltd’s strategic direction. Vulcan Holdings Ltd aims at finding the right person for the right job, at the right time through effective recruitment.

Vulcan Holdings Ltd had designed recruitment and hiring policies and processes so that HR managers can execute these critical business activities consistently at the highest level of quality and ethical standards.

The only basis of discrimination is ability to contribute to Vulcan Holdings Ltd.

Hiring Process

When a position falls vacant, the first consideration will be to assess the possibility of filling the position through promotion or internal transfer and the vacancy announcement is prepared and announced internally.

If no qualified internal candidates have been identified, the vacancy announcement will be advertised in the newspapers as well as on the Company website with a deadline of two weeks from the date of advertising for submission of applications. Upon receiving applications, qualified candidates are short listed based on the pre-set requirements of the post. Short listed candidates are invited for undertaking a written test.
According to the best results of the written test, a final short listing is made for the purpose of conducting the interviews. An ad hoc interview panel (of at least two members) shall be constituted depending on the seniority and nature of the vacancy.
The Ad hoc Panel will interview the short listed candidates. Based on the interview results, minute of meeting is prepared and submitted to the CEO through which the panel recommends the best candidate. The CEO shall give the final approval/authorization for the selection.


Completed Projects

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