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AfriGas (SL) Ltd. is an innovative start-up project investing in an LPG Quay line, a bulk LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) storage installation and a Cylinder filling plant, thus pioneering the domestic availability of LPG at very affordable prices (almost 50% of current local prices)..

Phase one of the project is a USD 6 Million investment with a 70% equity ownership by VHL and 30% by Geogas SA a French Swiss conglomerate (the largest independent LPG Company worldwide). Geogas SA are strategic partners and LPG product suppliers to Afrigas (SL) Ltd.

This introduction of affordable LPG is expected to bring much development to the country by enhancing the standard of living of average households.

Environmentally, LPG is the cleanest of fossil fuels and reduces deforestation by replacing/reducing the high demand for firewood and charcoal.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we built a new Home with amenities in Grafton for the Association for the Welfare of the Elderly.
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